Ok dear and faithful readers, tonight we worked on some “storyboards” as Mark called them. In tonight’s blog you will find some lovely pics, you lucky ducks! The pictures were taken in Mark’s studio. We have batted some ideas around and are coming up with a preliminary outline/plan and things are just swimming right along. Also if you are interested in knowing I am still working on transcribing those Glenwood letters and things for Dr. Peyton, they are taking a hot minute let me tell you, but I shall overcome! *triumphant music in background* Seriously, those are coming right along as well. Really the pictures can show you a good sample of what we did tonight as well as the process involved in the creating of a stellar piece of museum goodness. Some are serious, others not so much. But hey, not only are we here to learn, but to have fun as well! Another side note (and really this has nothing to do with the price of tea in China) but if you get a chance, try the split-pea and ham soup at Taylor’s, oh, oh, oh and the lemon squares, I swear I could eat my weight in those (and I am not a small chickadee let me tell you)