Hullo there my darlings!!! Did you miss me? It’s been a bit since I last wrote. There was an unfortunate incident with some puppies and also a clay center event that has prohibited me from writing. But now we are back with a vengeance! *insert triumphant HA HA here*

So today in class (by the way it’s Saturday so it was a super special class) we collaborated with Dr. Peyton’s class. For those of you not in the know Dr. Peyton’s class is giving us the information that we are putting on the panels that our class is building. They are doing all the research and stuff that will enlighten the minds of the exhibit viewers. I have taken a hand full of videos so people who were not able to attend can see what went on. You can also view the lovely pictures as well. We went over a lot of stuff today. Things like the title, our target audience, the wallpaper that may (or may not) adorn the panels and some delving into more of the history of Glenwood itself and the West Side.  Also in class today we had our elusive fourth classmate Joey (you’ll see him on the videos and pics. He’s in the green) I never talk about Joey but he is in our class and works just as hard as the rest of us (he lives rather far away and coming every Tuesday night isn’t always an option. Usually he comes on Saturday s and helps Mark build and do manly stuff). The others there (besides the students, duh) were Dr. Lassiter, and Dr. Maslowski and of course Mark and Dr. Peyton.

OK, everything is uploaded now so enjoy them. The only sad thing is that i had to cut them down so they would fit. Apparently they can be only so long or youtube will not take them.