Panels, panels, PANELS!!! Jesh, does that chick ever talk about anything else!?? Seriously, the panels are coming along quite superbly if I do say so myself. And tonight we painted one of them! Woo-hoo! And to be truthful dear readers this is the first time your lovely hostess has ever used a rolling brush. It was pretty spiffy. As you can tell from the pictures some of the panels are to be painted the fan-flippin’-tastic color scheme that Mark picked out (looks like a big old candy bar huh?) while others are going to be wallpapered. We also found out that we have some of the information to be put up onto panel 1.

In other news Susan earned a gold star tonight because she showed us a program (one that she used in library school, nifty huh?) that tells you what reading level you are typing at. This is going to be very beneficial (I believe) when it comes to the finished project. Because let’s face facts people, not everyone reads at the wonderfully high level that us Master’s Degree students do.  The information has to be accessible and understandable to one and all, and what with this being a traveling exhibit and all that that knows who might wonder in and start to read. (Well, here’s to hoping that a lot do at least!)

Other than that I don’t have much to report. Tonight being election night and all that. Which reminds me I hope all of you voted!!!!!!!!!