Hello lovelies! Sorry I didn’t get to blog last week (I know that all of you were just on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what happened!) we didn’t have class last week so therefore no blog. But this week we were back with a vengeance *grrrrr*. Anyhoo, on this week’s agenda was dry mounting. Dry mounting is a nifty little process where we make the scripts and informative little captions that go under photos and pieces of art that you see in museums. You have to use this machine that heats up to like a million degrees or something, foam core and a special tissue paper that sticks them together.  It was actually a lot easier than I initially thought it would be. It mainly seems to be just time consuming. After you are done with the sticking togetherness you then have to cut out the captions. This is the part where I suck. For some reason I cannot cut foam core to save my life. It’s just plain evil is what it is.

Another point I shall mention to all my readers (I’m sure most of you know about it, but just in case) the opening of the project has been moved back to January. Just in case you didn’t know. Also I wanted to tell you all that since next week is break and there is no class (WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  You are all charged with stuffing yourselves silly with turkey or ham or tofu (for the veggies reading this) and all the trimmings that go along with it. I could say something nice and classy about how thankful we should be about everything and all that, but that isn’t my style. So have a happy turkey day (for those of you who celebrate it) stuff yourselves fuller than ticks (for those of you who can) and for Pete’s sakes be careful on the highways and motorways if you are traveling, there’s a lot of crappy drivers out on the holidays (and I should know, I’m from Ohio!)