Hello peoples! I hope you all had a good turkey break! How was mine you ask? Why it was splendid! Ok, that’s enough exclamation points for now. So tonight we learned how to do vinyl letters and also did some wallpapering. And after doing that I have discovered that both are pretty stressful. You have to right on the money with both because as Mark would say “if you are off even an eighth of an inch the whole thing gets thrown out of whack”. My letters were nowhere near the line that I had drawn and when it came to the wallpaper part I must admit that I let Katie and Susan deal with the better part of the wallpaper alignment. I just don’t have the patience I guess to be all meticulous and stuff. Personally I would rather just use paint, but I have to admit that it looks very, Very good. As you can see from the pictures they did an awesome job with the whole lining up thing. I did the gluing a little bit at least (but really, if you think about it logically, I’m supposed to be taking pictures for this spiff-tastic blog so it was better for them to do the line ups anyhow). We also did some more dry mounting and that was cool. And that’s about the gist of it really. We worked a good bit tonight (and goofed off some too. But hey, it’s cathartic!)