Hullo there my darlings!!!! This is my last blog (and very fitting that it should be late huh?). (By the way, bonus points if you know where the title of this blog came from. More if you can sing it!!!) So class ended last week (yeah I know, geez way to wait huh Annette?) Last week we pretty much finished one of the panels that will be shown. What!!?? A real life panel that has been finished and stuff? Yep, you can see it in all of its glory in the pic gallery. We also had Joey with us this week for the final class. It’s very stressful doing the final piece. When you have to put on those evil vinyl letters and all that Velcro stuff perfectly the first time, blah, and no room for mess ups! Katie, Susan and Joey rocked it though! I did some of the Velcro and stuff myself *glee face*. This class was really bitter sweet in a way. On the one hand you have the sigh of relief that every student is familiar with (because it’s ended) but then you also have that little empty space. The one where you are going to actually miss your class mates and professor. You’ll actually miss the work you did and even though it might have not been so fun at the time (please see other blogs about vinyl letters) you’ll look back on it and realize the fun you had.

Enough with the sappy stuff. This is the last time you shall here from me on this project (because I got an even better job, WOO-HOO). Hopefully the next person to take this over will have my wonderful wit and charm and be able to keep all you faithful readers glued to your seats for the next exciting installment of the happenings during the Glenwood Project (was that a bit much?).

In all seriousness though I have had an amazing time with this and have learned so much it isn’t funny. Mark is a fan-friggin-tastic professor and can really make a girl understand the beauty of panel building and vinyl lettering (I still hate it though). Everyone has worked so hard this semester from Dr. Lassiter and Gabby to  everyone in Dr. Peyton’s class and Dr. Peyton himself to Dr. Maslowski and of course Mark and all of us in his class (really the professors have been working on this a long time already) to everyone who has been involved thus far. Well I’ll stop with the acceptance speech now and let you all get back to your exciting lives.

Don’t forget to come to the opening of the project and a Happy Christmas to everyone! I hope you all get spoiled rotten this year (and don’t forget what I said about silly drivers, we are all over the place during the holidays!)


Annette “the blog princess” Conner